Settling in at Miracle Mountain

Miracle mountain ranch
We are getting nicely settled here at our May project. The slides are out, the levelers are down, and the laundry is put away. It’s rained most of the time since we’ve been here (heavy at times, as they say), and today it hasn’t even broken 50 so I can’t say it feels like home just yet. Since we haven’t had much of an opportunity to explore the campus, I figured this would be a great time to catch you all up on our great family visit with the kids and grands last week! It was a sweet break between our work weeks and turned out to be a bit longer than we originally thought it would be. Which was a very good thing! We were able to attend a community concert, have a hot dog roast, enjoy a fun day out with Maddie and Mom, have lots of kid and cuddle time (and a couple of skip-bo games!), and even squeezed in a visit with Lara, Herbert, and Eleana (they were out of town until our last day) when they joined us for dinner on our last night.

Untitled Untitled MaddieandEleana

Since we were there during the week and the girls were in school, the camera seemed to be used mostly to capture pictures of our adorable grandsons:

Reis-2 Noah-7 Reis-6

And since the little guy is a great nap taker – Noah (3 1/2) pretty much stole the show!

Noah-4 Noah-5

If you have 6 seconds to spare – check out our little “stop motion” movie –

Watch me, Grams, watch me!

Mom did grab the camera one morning before everyone left for school, and took some great close-ups –

EllieBW Hayleybw MaddieBW

Noah bw ReisBW

My goodness – we are so blessed to claim these beautiful (and sweet and smart and kind-hearted and all around wonderful) grandchildren as ours! If you’d like to see a few more pix of these cuties (with a couple of the grown-ups thrown in for balance) – you’re welcome to view them HERE!
Thanks for stopping by – have a good week, and I’ll keep you posted on the sunshine. It’s late, but I think I see a break in the clouds!

4 thoughts on “Settling in at Miracle Mountain”

  1. Hi Stephanie, I am wondering of this Miracle Mountain Ranch is in western PA?
    If so we have good friends whose daughter is attending there now. If you see a beautiful, blond, smiley girl who usually has a camera in her hand, ask her if her name is Emily Rose. Tell her the Snyders send their love and Dave says she is it!! She will understand.:-) Sorry it is cold and rainy. It is very slow to warm up this spring. Looking forward to seeing you again. Barb

  2. Barb – YES! We ate brunch with Rose yesterday morning! We asked where she was from (before her folks moved to TX) and she said Eastern PA. We pressed a bit more, and when she said Montrose – well, we were so delighted to make the connection. She is a beautiful young girl (didn’t see the camera, but our time here has just begun!). I’ll try to remember to give her your greetings and tell her she’s “it”. I love these small world events!

  3. Steph, So glad you got to meet Emily. We miss her and her family.
    See you soon in Montrose. It was in the high 60’s today and the hummingbirds arrived today. We actually may have spring here! Barb

  4. Ah, the tile problem! Well, turns out they had been given the incorrect mastic and grout for the type of tile it was. We didn’t stay long enough to actually see the new installation – sure hope it went well!

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