First ones up!

Ok, so technically, we weren’t the FIRST first ones up.  My dear brother, who lives about an hour away,  came up a couple of weeks ago to hook up the water for the summer.  (He and Gary have been fine tuning the spring and fall water procedures, and I’m happy to report that it’s going pretty well. Although there were a couple of small leaks, the main part  – getting the water from the well to the pump – went smoothly. Yea!!!). So he did check inside to make sure there were no big surprises (like the year a red squirrel took up residence (oy!) or the time my grandparents arrived to find it had been broken into over the winter. Ugh). But we were the first ones up to stay for a spell. And while that means we get the first cleaning
First ones up

(but let’s face it, those mice have the run of the place for more months of the year than we do!)
and we also get the first mowing –
(but since we have a shiny new mower, that’s difficult to put into the “hardship” category!)
we also get some other “firsts” that make the chores seem not so bad.
Like the wildflowers in the grass that will be gone with that first mowing –
and the pear blossoms that may very will be gone by the time we leave next week!
There’s that first walk to the pond
Cabin May 2014-4
Cabin May 2014-5
and the marsh marigolds that will be gone before you know it!
Cabin May 2014-9
Cabin May 2014-6
Hello little fishies! Did you have a good winter?
Cabin May 2014-8
And if I’m down at the ponds, you know there has the be the first one of these –
or maybe even an attempt of a pond panorama –
Cabin in the spring
Well, the chores are far from done, it’s true. I’m chipping away at them slowly but surely, and Gary is busy working on his “beating back the wilderness” project (pictures to follow in good time). But in the meanwhile, here’s another first that is always welcome!
This. #cabinmornings
Oh yeah, baby. First ones up at the cabin is a good thing. A Very Good Thing!


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