Last Day

I'm not sure it can get any better than this. #lastfulldayatthecabin
Today I am spending the morning at Suds Your Duds – taking advantage of their jumbo washing machines and enjoying their free wifi! Since the rest of the day will be filled with packing and last minute chores, I figured I’d better take a minute here and do a quick wrap-up of our 10 days at the cabin!
As usual, Gary doesn’t put much stock in the “sit on the lawn and gaze at the pond” mentality at the cabin. But fortunately (for me, anyway) he didn’t have any huge projects on deck. Phew. His main focus was getting the lawn all mowed and trimmed and then to work on beating back the wilderness in a couple of areas. Let’s face it, nature is always going to win here unless we keep at it!

And keep at it, he did!

Mostly we’re just trying to preserve the view of the pond, and while it’s never going to be back to this –
(circa 1960 maybe?)
at least we’re keeping a clear view of the dock!
Although it was a pretty quiet week for us, we did have a special treat just yesterday. It turns out that my college roommate/best friend/maid of honor 43 years ago was able to stop by for a lunch visit since she was nearby visiting her new little granddaughter just 30 miles down the road! She had recently checked in here and contacted me to see if we could get together!! Such fun! When we were in college together (um, 1970) we had come to VT for our spring break and had walked into the cabin in the snow! It was great to reintroduce her to this very special spot! (and Greg, I’m glad you could come too! 🙂 )
And with grands not too far away, we might just make this happen again!
Well, the laundry is packed into the car, so I guess I’d better get this wrapped up. For once, this being the last day at the cabin doesn’t fill me with great sadness. Oh, I’m always sorry to leave this wonderful spot, but tomorrow starts Girls Week 2014 (PA Style) and I’ll be spending time with these two
and it doesn’t get much better than that!

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