I’m trying – honest!

I’ve been back home for a week now and the whole “catching up” thing is proving to be quite elusive. I’ve finally weeded through my email in-box and I THINK I’m just about caught up on my SOWER administrative items. Ok, not all the way, but I’m close. Reallllly close. Sometimes when I have one of those weeks where it just seems to go from mundane to mundane it’s fun to look back through my phone photos to see just what’s been photo-worthy in the last week. Here goes –
Our Montrose home
We’ve been in this parking spot more than any other spot in the (almost) 10 years we’ve been on the road. Crazy!
(And I love that the washer and dryer are in the little building right next door. 🙂 )
Wish Come True
ATV Gary
Gary’s been talking about purchasing a used ATV for use at the cabin for about 4 years. (Right about the time my brother left his at the cabin while we were there, and Gary realized what a help it was for all his projects. Oh, and it was pretty fun too!). Any-who – while I was away at Girls Week, it finally happened. The right price, the right year, the right “options” – his wish come true. We’ve enjoyed it here at Montrose (note the Bibles all strapped down for the ride to church), but it will soon be on its way to the cabin and that big ol’ Garage-Mahal!
Montrose Trees-5
We didn’t actually have anything to do with this, but it was fun to watch these giant evergreens being taken down from in front of the main building at the upper campus.
Montrose Trees-9
And I especially appreciate it when the camp director and his son are right in the thick of things!
Montrose Trees-11
Road Shots
Even though our only “road trip” are really just a “Lowes trip”, I still can’t seem to stop taking pictures of the road ahead.
Especially when we take a detour that gets quite scenic (and dirt). Sorry about that car wash, honey.
Although Gary & I did work on getting this room painted (hello, yellow!), it was a pretty quiet work week for me. (Quite thankfully, I might add, since I was so far behind on my computer chores.) Gary found plenty to do with getting the A/C ready for the season and I showed up occasionally to help him with a bit of thermostat programing, but mostly I hung around the RV and worked on that elusive “catching up”.
I’m happy to report that now that I am ALMOST caught up, we’re taking off again tomorrow! This weekend is our annual Cabin Association Meeting (up at The Cabin, of course), and as a “senior sibling” member of the board, it’s my duty to attend. Such hardship – a visit with dear friends along the way, a day with ALL my siblings (plus a couple of spouses and nieces) and a little chit-chat about cabin business. Oh, and we have to deliver that ATV too!
I’m happy to take one for the team this time!


2 thoughts on “I’m trying – honest!”

  1. Love the job you do with the photos and the blog. I really like the creativity and the comradery that comes through.

  2. Thanks, Greg! I’m just happy that after 10 years, folks (and good friends like you and Deb) are still stopping by!

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