Back to Back Goodness

Did you have a good weekend? We’ve had two lovely weekends right in a row – God is so good!

There was last weekend when we took a quick trip to the Cabin for our annual Board meeting. In order to manage this family property, we set it up as a little non-profit corporation after the four of us sibling inherited it from our parents (who inherited it from their parents). As the people base grows (4 in our generation, 13 in the next and 29 (and counting) in the next) it only made sense to give it some official structure. So once a year, on a Saturday that works for the most people, we gather at the cabin to discuss business. We talk about maintenance items and how much we can afford to spend on said maintenance (we all pay dues in varying amounts), and scheduling issues, and when’s the next time we’ll be having the next BIG family get together (like the one we had at the cabin in 2012!).  This cabin is a very precious part of our heritage, and we all want to preserve it in our family as long as we can. Here we are – the official 2014 Dwinell Cabin Association Board of Directors-
The four “Senior Siblings” and one niece. The only board member missing was our son Josiah who was just voted in this year. He came by phone!
But aside from the business at hand, it is also just a wonderful time to be together with family.
And, it was a good excuse to get the ATV delivered to its new home!
Lest I forget – we also started the weekend with a sweet visit with dear friends who live “on the way” to the cabin! Lots of catching-up time and a great local farmers’ market –
Loud low farmers' market fun! #instacollage
Even in the rain – it was lots of fun.
We were back in Montrose for the work week, but then on Saturday we traveled up the road a piece to celebrate the high school graduation of a great-niece. And of course, that also involved more visits with family!
The graduate with her grandparents –
with her immediate family –
(yes, those guys are part of the “29 (and counting) in the next generation!”) 🙂
and then with her silly aunt and uncle –
It was so fun to spend the day with these guys at a couple of combined graduation parties (along with a couple of hundred other celebrating people).

So we’ve been blessed with back-to-back weekends filled with friends and family and the really great news is that after just one quiet weekend here in Montrose, we’ll be at it again!  I love summer!

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