A Very Weston Weekend

This past weekend we had the joy of taking care of our little 3 year old grandson, Weston.  His mom and dad had a very-busy-away-from-home activity with the youth from their church and asked if we could help them out by taking care of the kiddo.  Of course, we said.  We’d be delighted.

Since we’d never kept Weston for any length of time (and certainly not without Mom & Dad hanging around), my delight in keeping him was tainted with – What if he misses Mommy and I can’t distract him? Where will he sleep in the RV?  What will we do with a very busy toddler (are they still toddlers when they’re three?) in our little house.  What will he eat? What if he doesn’t like us???????? Oh, yeah, there were just a few insecurities going on at my house.  But God was good – and they all came to nothing!

We had so much fun – taking in the Montrose Blueberry Festival on Friday, over-the-top fun at the Discovery Center in Binghamton, NY and then a relatively quiet day on Sunday, just hanging around the campground.  There’s a whole batch of pictures HERE, but here are some of my favorites for our Very Weston Weekend!
He will stay awake till we get home! #oursfortheweekend.
Doing our best to keep him awake on the 2 hr. ride home. We were pretty sure that an 8PM nap was not a good way to start the weekend!
Wait for me, Pops! The Bluberry Festival was a bit overwhelming for him, but he loved all those firetrucks parked on the road!
Bedtime was a bit of a challenge. Or maybe I should say bed space was a bit of a challenge. We didn’t have room for a porta-crib and Mom had said he was terrible to sleep with (as in sharing the bed with me and putting Pops on the sofa), so we made him a little nest at the foot of the bed.
The new sleeping bag and Thomas the Train pillow helped, and while it wasn’t perfect, the plan worked pretty well.
Saturday was a blast! The Discovery Center was one fun activity after another –
“Here I am, Grams!”
Computer play
Weston Discovery Center
Picking up a few things at the grocery store.
and of course, trains!
He had such a blast! Outside was a beautiful story garden –
Discovery Story Garden
Golfing with Pops. I love this!
And crossing the Foot Bridge. (giggle)
It was a long day – and a very quiet ride home!

Sunday was quiet – Worship, no-fuss Sunday School, and then another nap attempt. Oh, well, at least it made bed-time easy!
Before we knew it, it was Monday morning and time to head back down the road to be reunited with Mom!

So the verdict is in. He didn’t miss Mommy too much, he slept great in his little nest at the foot of the bed, there’s plenty to do if you look around a bit (and there’s always Cars to put into the DVD player), and he eats just about anything. Oh, and he seems to like us OK!
Family Portrait

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for letting us love on this little guy this weekend. So very, very special!

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