Blessing upon Blessing

Have you ever had one of those weeks that when you get to the end of it you are amazed with how filled with extra blessings it was? That’s how last week was for me. 🙂

1. Weston
Even though the start of my week was the end of our Very Weston Weekend, it was still a blessing. It was such a treasure to have him for the weekend – though I confess that the nap I had that afternoon also felt pretty good!
2. Prayer Campfire
My walking buddy asked if we SOWERS could host a Prayer Campfire one evening with the purpose of praying for the folks who were currently at the conference center – InterVarsity.  We weren’t quite sure what that would look like, but we were certain we could put together a campfire!
After a bit of sharing, we broke into small groups and prayed for specific needs – oh my, what a blessed evening!
The fact that it ended with S’Mores was also pretty sweet!
3. Work
Once again, it was a nicely diversified week!


Some kitchen time

Some painting time

and some great progress on the walkways. (Full disclosure = I held a board for him, so I can officially say I “worked” on it, but let’s be real. This is Gary all the way!)
4. Play
Saturday Gary and I joined friends at nearby Elk Lake. Ahhhhhh……
The food was great (have you ever tried blueberry/peach pie? It’s a magnificent combination! And with a scoop of vanilla ice cream? Be still my heart.), the fellowship sweet, and the water play was great fun to watch!
I’m hoping to make one more trip to the lake to try out those kayaks. Cheryl tells me a “paddle around the lake” is good for the soul, and that sounds good to me!
5. Worship
We finished up the week with “Church on the Green” – an annual outdoor worship service right in the heart of town. Lots of people, lots of worship and lots of the Gospel. Right there on the green! Loved it!

Yes, it was a “blessing upon blessing” week. Thank you, Lord, for your kindness to me in orchestrating such a time as this.

2 thoughts on “Blessing upon Blessing”

  1. Stephanie, So glad that you got to spend time with the Rose’s and the Coleman’s. Such special people. Barb

  2. It’s been so long since I looked at your blog. Life has been crazy busy as usual. Can’t believe you’ve been out there with the Sower’s this long! What an amazing work God has done with you two. Montrose brings back fond memories as our son Tim and I did a 5 day work trip up there with Dan Young and several others doubling the size of the Chapel. Great people great fellowship and hard work with a lot of fun mixed in. So glad you’re doing so well and are happy at what you’re doing! Contact us if you are down this way again, would love to see you!

    Chris Fullmer

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