A Grand time with the Grands!

“Hey, why is Grams here?”
In our 11.8 years of being grandparents we have never been close (proximity-wise) to any of our grandchildren for any length of time. A weekend here or a week there, a crazy-fun holiday with all the grands under one roof – precious times all. But this last month we’ve been in close(ish) proximity to 6 of our 7 grandchildren. Aside from a bit of early confusion on the part of the kids (these grandparents showing up randomly on any given day), it’s been quite the delight. We’ve been able to do some fun family activities, spend some special time with all the kids and even help out with a bit of babysitting.
There was the Fall Festival at a nearby church –
Fall Festival-1
Hanging out with this cutie and his Fam at the Fall Festival. #bestpartofbeinggrams

Fall Festival-4 Fall Festival-5 Fall Festival-6 Fall Festival-7

followed by afternoon of apple picking –
(and then apple crisp, applesauce and even blooming baked apples started happening!)
and ending with a family visit to meet our newest member, Alexandra Dwinell
Now THAT was a very full day!
Things did settle down during the week (school and work does put a crimp in play time!), and while I concentrated on helping out with this little sweet thing –
Pops got busy doing what Pops does best – helping out with projects around the kids’ houses. (He doesn’t take many (any) pictures, you’ll just have to trust me on this. You do, right?). Doors, lights, bathroom updates – he’s been a pretty busy guy!
We took advantage of an in-service day for the school girls and had a fun overnight adventure with them
which involved a Chinchilla Ranch
a bit of shopping
and lunch and a movie! All in all, a great day!
We dropped of the girls and snagged Noah for his very own adventure –
Overnight in the RV –
then a total Pops and Noah day – Cabelas, a train store, a stop at Daddy’s work and lunch at Chick-fil-a. (Again, you’ll have to trust me on this since it was no one in that mighty duo took any pictures! 🙂 )
And most recently – we all enjoyed a  local Halloween event, that aside from having WAY TOO MANY people in attendance (great for the event planners, not so great for keeping track of five kids in costume!) was lots of fun.
This one was pretty easy to keep track of (and she slept through the whole event!)

So it’s been a full, full month. Full of hugs and kisses, snuggles and rosebud lips, and tiny clothes and games of Racko.  And some of my favorite people in the world.

**Contented sigh**

If you’d like to see more of our Ohio October Adventures, you can find more pictures HERE!

2 thoughts on “A Grand time with the Grands!”

  1. Loved this post tonight. The Halloween costumes are adorable, especially your granddaughter on the left ! Such a great simple costume !

  2. Thanks, Dale! We’ve really had a special time with these kids (big and small) and it’s hard to believe that we’ll be pulling out and heading south in just a couple of days. But we’ll be leaving with treasured memories!

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