Oy! What a fantabulous month we’ve just wrapped up in Columbus!
We finished off our time with the kids with a visit to a local Pumpkin Patch, complete with a corn maze
Corn Maze Collage
Giant bouncing bubbles –

Fall cut-outs with just the right number of holes –
and even some interesting pumpkins!
But needless to say, the best part of the event was this gang!
PumpkinFun 2014
So our month with the Ohio kids and grands has come to a close. Did we put too many miles on the truck? (2250+) Were there a couple too many stops at area gas stations? (Thank you, Gas Buddy, for helping us find the best prices for our 10 stops!). Well, on the books it may seem a bit over-the-top, but miles driven to see family and dollars spent to spend time with little ones who will soon be not so little can never be counted as “too much”.
One last selfie with the Marysville clan
and one last snuggle with sweet Alexandra

and we were on our way!
On our way after a great month with the kids and grands. So hard to leave, but time to start the trek south and get back to our SOWER work! #ontheroadagain.
We were blessed with beautiful Fall colors all the way
Tennessee is putting on a pretty good show too! #ontheroadagain

and are now settled in for a regrouping day at a little campground in Gadsden, AL.

Tomorrow we head into our November SOWER project at Eagle Rock Boys Ranch just down the road in Attalla. We’ve so enjoyed our two months “off”, but it will be good to get back to work and have life return to a more normal (well, normal for us anyway) routine.

So today it’s all about soaking in the sunshine, taking deep breaths, and maybe even enjoying a hike through Noccalula Falls Park.  And just a bit of wishing those little ones could come along!

If you’d like to see more of the Pumpkin Patch fun – there’s a whole batch of pictures HERE! Go ahead, you know you want to! 🙂

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