Noccalula Falls

Yesterday was a perfect day for a walk through the campground –
Noccalula Falls-1
Want to come along?
Noccalula Falls-2
Noccalula Falls-13
This is a pretty full service campground – it even has its own wedding chapel!
Noccalula Falls-6
But of course, its real claim to fame is the Noccalula Falls –
Noccalula Falls-4
Even though the falls were a little wimpy today, there is a local legend that goes along with the falls which involves an Indian Princess (Noccalula, of course), a forbidden love and a leap to her death to thwart an unwanted marriage.
Noccalula Falls-9
Whether or not the legend is true (or just a late 19th century marketing tool), the area is quite lovely.
Noccalula Falls-8
Noccalula Falls-10
And when there’s a bit more water – the falls are pretty impressive too!
(Photo borrowed from HERE, where there is also more info about the legend (or not)!)
Even walking back along the highway enabled a beautiful view –
Noccalula Falls-12
We did have one small mystery. See the ducks along the shore?
Noccalula Falls-11
Here – a bit closer…..
Mystery Duck
I couldn’t find these guys in our bird book, and the closest thing I could find online is a Muscovy duck. What do you think? Any other suggestions? I just love a good mystery bird!

Thanks for coming along for the walk.  =) Today we moved into our November project and are getting settled in at Eagle Rock Boys Ranch.  I’m a little concerned that there is a freeze warning tonight – but surely this is just a temporary cool down, right? After all, we’re in Alabama, right? Right?????



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