Birthdays on the road

So yesterday was my birthday. Some of you know that I pretty much claim the entire month of November as my Birthday Month, and take every opportunity I can to celebrate.
Out for Barbecue on Friday?
Happy Birthday to me!
Grab a Pizza after a day of chores –
Starting the birthday celebration early 😊.
Celebrate, Celebrate!
Turkey casserole dinner with 500 other folks and a jazz band playing in the background –
Thanks for planning it just for me!
Facebook and email birthday greetings from friends around the country – I felt so loved!
Mushy cards and chatty phone calls from my dearest of dear sisters – I felt so blessed!
FaceTime with ALL my beautiful kiddos and grands – Well, it doesn’t get any better than that!
But this –
Google wishing me a Happy Birthday?
That was just a little bit creepy!

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