Merry Christmas from our house to yours!




Editor’s Note – Early tomorrow morning (yes, Christmas Eve Day) we begin the Grand(kid) Tour –  Eunice, Louisiana (where we’re leaving Lizzie) to Lancaster, PA to Gahanna, OH to Marysville, OH and then back to the Lizzie in LA. All together just under 3000 miles and roughly 6 days of driving for 8 days of hugs.  And as you can imagine, we can hardly wait for it all to begin!
October 2014 iPhone Pix
So the truck is (mostly) packed, the place is all tidied up and the fridge is cleaned out. The Clive Cussler audio book is ready to be loaded in the CD player and the road food (pretzels, Cheezits, Werther’s caramels and baby carrots (gotta have some balance, right?)) has been strategically situated in the backseat.
Let the first leg begin!
J&A&W – we should be there for dinner on Friday!!!  Merry Christmas, everyone!

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