When our daughter told us in 2008 she was taking a job in Waco, Texas, we were a bit surprised. Waco? Texas? For a girl who has always loved big cities and had lived in Santa Clara, California for the previous 4 years, Texas had never (to our knowledge) been on her radar. But that’s where the job was, and she was ready to go. We were able to help her move in and since we had to be in Central TX every September for the next 5 years for SOWER business, it worked out well for us to spend a bit of extra time with her. There was the 7 week kitchen remodel in 2010 and the fire-pit that Gary built between SOWER projects in the fall of 2011. We built a fancy bed, made thousands of Christmas cookies, rebuilt great lengths of fence and watched hours of HGTV at that little house in Waco. We celebrated birthdays and Thanksgivings and Christmases there. The last year she was in Waco we even camped at Lake Waco for the month of December and Gary hung out a “Hire Lara’s Dad” shingle. He did all kinds of odd jobs for Lara’s friends – who had, over the years, become our friends too!
So when Lara decided that it was time to say good-bye to Waco and move her life up to Columbus, we were a bit conflicted.  Of course, we wanted what was best for her, and we’d support her in her move, but Leave Waco? What about that darling house? What about the Kitchen? What about the Fire-pit? What about The Ultimate Bed? WHAT ABOUT OUR WACO PEEPS!!!! (Get a grip, Steph, this really wasn’t about you!) I knew that if it was hard for us to process her leaving Waco and her life there, that it was all the more difficult for her – regardless of her excitement about a fresh start in Columbus.  We were too far away to help with this move. All we could do was pray her through it.
The point to this walk down memory lane (even if you don’t check out any of the links, it sure was fun for me to find them and see all the people we’ve come to love!), is to say that last weekend we did a quick run to Waco. Huntsville is as close to Waco as we were going to get this year, so it was now or never!
On our way to Waco! You know you're in Texas if the speed limit on the interstate is 75 and the speed limit on THIS road is 70. #crazy
About 150 miles of good Texas road. (To my non-Texan friends – the speed limit on this road is 70. Yes, 70. But I digress…..)
While we didn’t get to see all of our friends, we did a manage to see many of them. Friday evening we enjoyed dinner at Jenna and Steve’s with about a dozen other folks, helping to celebrate Henry’s 7th birthday.

Waco January-9 Waco January-10

(I’m sorry, but when did that happen????)
Sadly, I failed to get pictures of the gang at the Swansons, but the next day I did better! We had breakfast at “the house” with previous housemates MaryBeth and Nate (who had gotten married since we saw them last) and were joined by Katie (who had moved into her own place a little more “downtown”). What a sweet visit we had!
Waco January-2
From there we went to better acquainted with this little guy –
Waco January-3
Last time we were in Waco, his mom had whispered to us that she was pregnant. 🙂 So lovely to get to know Jonah and catch up with his Mom and Dad. (And let’s face it, I’m always happy to do some baby squeezing!).
Waco January-4
While we didn’t get to hug ALL of our Waco friends, it did our hearts good to love on the ones we could! Kristen, Heather, Marcus, Hugh, Caryn, Michael and the rest……sorry we missed you! Next time we’ll have to give it a bit more planning.
Hey – next time let’s make sure that Lara, Herbert and Alexandra come too! Then we can really party!

As a special bonus for the beautiful weekend, we were treated to this on the way home –
Waco January-5
God has been very kind to us, indeed!

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