Windshield Shots

Recently someone asked me if I had any “Windshield Shots”. You know, pictures of the road ahead.
“Really?” I said. “You’re wondering if I have any Windshield Shots? Well, just what are you looking for?”

Dirt Roads?

dirtroad Road Trip-108
BTL48-Day 6-16 walnut canyon-1

Country Roads?

Alaskan Drive -Day 9-35 PEI - 7.28.11-5
Cobourg2010-6 OK9-MESA


Utah Road Road to Grand Canyon-3
I15 in the Snow-3 Arizona-6

Or maybe a couple of specialty shots –

White Sands-2 2011 Calendar saguaro-1
White Sands National Park, NM           Saguaro National Park, AZ

Windshield shots? I think I can help with that!

And there might just be a couple more HERE!

One thought on “Windshield Shots”

  1. Stephanie, Your photos are truly amazing. An artist’s collection of God’s beautiful world. I can’t get enough when viewing them. Keep sharing !

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