Wrapping it up!

We pull out of our parking spot in the woods tomorrow morning,
heading for a little camping break at Lake Livingston State Park before our next project. But before we leave,  I thought I’d do a little wrap up of our work here at Camp Cho-Yeh.
The guys have been busy, as you can see!

They finished up that little lean-to in the back
which will be home to a washer and dryer. 🙂 (Thank you, Camp Cho-Yeh! Your RV volunteers will really appreciate that nice addition to the camping area!)
Once the little “annex” was finished up, they moved to the inside. They got the center wall enclosed and then it was time to move on to framing and enclosing the stalls.
Oh, and installing the lights.  Always a good thing in a windowless room. (The hole in the wall is for the A/C.  Remember, this is  for summer camp in Texas!) Then it was on to the shower side.
Due to a scheduling conflict, Gary was pretty much working on his own this last week. So I was glad that I was close by working on sewing projects while he was busy hammering and sawing. And occasionally he even called me over to be a second set of hands. Jim, our fellow SOWER, will be working next week, and while Gary got lots done this week, there’s still plenty to do!
Fortunately,  another group of volunteers is coming next month, so work on this bathhouse will continue.  Summer’s a comin’!

Oh – before I forget. Remember those decoys floating on Lake Evelyn?
Well, they weren’t for encouraging wildlife, as I had guessed. They are marking the places and anchors of all their lake “toys” –
Man, it would be fun to see this camp in full action!

We’ve really had a good month. We’ve worked with great folks (both SOWERS and staff) and really got a sense of the heart of the camp. Their mission is to be “a place where Jesus Christ transforms lives through meaningful relationships and outdoor adventures.” And from what we could see, they do it with great enthusiasm and joy!

Thanks for stopping by! We’ll have a busy morning tomorrow as we batten down the hatches and move over to Lake Livingston for a bit of R&R.
Lake Livingston

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