Saturday One

Perhaps one of the best perks of our SOWER work is the length of our work week. Let me tell you, I’ve become a great fan of the Four Day Work Week. Let’s face it, having two Saturdays is a very wonderful thing.
Today was a fairly typical example of what happens on our “Saturday One” when we don’t have official excursions planned.
Gary tackled the replacement of one of our slide-out awnings.

It hadn’t actually broken yet, but we decided to be a bit pro-active when we gave it a close look not too long ago.
Yuck. (Actually, Gary had wanted to replace it for a while, but I was dragging my feet since it didn’t seem necessary. Now that I’ve seen up-close-and-personal what the awning actually looked like, I’m so very glad he went ahead and ordered it!)
As usual, Gary handled it mostly by himself
but occasionally he did need that extra set of hands!
Plus I was quite critical in pressing the button to bring the slide in (or out) when necessary. He loves to play to my skills!
While he was working on the awning, I was puttering about doing laundry, de-cluttering counter tops, and generally catching up with life. After the wash was done, we took a little jaunt into Huntsville for a bit of Home Depot inspiration for some renovations we’re considering for Lizzie (the RV) and a stop at Walmart for a pair of work shoes for the man. Our good buddies, Don & Jenny, came along and we ended up the trip with a stop at 3 Spoons – a frozen yogurt shoppe with more toppings than you can imagine- to celebrate Jenny’s birthday. Even errand running is fun with friends (and a stop for a frozen treat!). By the time we headed back to Trinity it was raining pretty good (with promises of more of the same through Saturday), but we couldn’t resist stopping to take a picture of these Brahma cows clustered around a “He is Risen” sign!

(Special thanks to Gary for standing in the rain to get the shot!)
We ended the day with episode four of the Horatio Hornblower series from A&E and steaming bowls of homemade chili (compliments of Don & Jenny). It was a great ending to the day.
But besides the chores and good friends and yummy food, perhaps the best part of the day were the three pictures that arrived via the miracle of text messages –

Alexandra trying swimming 🙂 She had fun! Taran – “can’t wait to snuggle you, Grams”

My heart is full!

Oh – and another good thing about today? Tomorrow is ANOTHER Saturday!

2 thoughts on “Saturday One”

  1. Looks like a fairly easy job. I will need to replace our main awning sometime this year. The top vinyl has de-laminated. Slide toppers are also starting to tear. We’ve been facing North in Amarillo which means the wind has give our toppers a beating.
    I love the cows by the cross, we should learn from them about resting at the foot of the cross. May I borrow that photo and give you credit for the picture?

  2. Yes, Jerry – replacing the topper was fairly direct and easy to do. Biggest problem was that no instructions came with them so we had to hunt them down on ye olde internet. We did the big slide topper a couple of years ago and that was a bit more challenging mostly due to the size. Good thing that man of mine is a handy guy!
    Glad you enjoyed that cow picture. 🙂 You are welcome to borrow it!
    Have a great weekend – so rainy here in East Texas!

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