Still a bit blurry

No, no – it’s not that I need new glasses (though a change in prescription might be on the horizon), it’s just that the days lately are all beginning to run together. Lots has happened since my last ‘real time’ post, but here’s just a quick rundown of the busyness of the last week and a half.

First there was the 2015 Texas SOWER Round-up. When you get 30 SOWER couples together for three days of campfires, fun, fellowship, and food, you know there won’t be a lot of quiet moments to collect your thoughts.

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IMG_1975 122 IMG_1970


Old friends, new friends – so many of these folks are like family to me!

As the festivities wrapped up on Wednesday (man, was that a week and a half ago?), we got packed up to begin our trek north. There were grandbabies to hug in the near future for me and the road loomed large ahead of us.


We were making a quick stop in Chattanooga to visit our sweet niece and finish up a window installation that we had started last spring.


We got the window in, enjoyed a great visit with Chris, and was even able to indulge in some fabulous Chattanooga cuisine.

Oh yeah, baby! Now that’s a burger!

But still the road called.
Redbud along the way! Always a good thing. #ontheroadagain #spring
Because these guys were waiting for us at the end of the road –

MarysvilleConradsSpring2015-14 MarysvilleConradsSpring2015-1 MarysvilleConradsSpring2015-5
MarysvilleConradsSpring2015-9 MarysvilleConradsSpring2015-7 Untitled

Oh. My. Heart.

We had a beautiful Easter Sunday with all the kids and grands and then disaster struck. In the form of a stomach bug. Yuck.


Yes, it slowed us all down, but we still managed some good rounds of Dutch Blitz and a journey or two through Candyland! So although the time in Ohio was lived by a different script than we had anticipated, we still got to love on our kids and grands, and that’s always a good thing.

Today we pulled up the levelers, got ourselves in order and hit the road once again! We’ve made it into PA, but didn’t want to overdo the driver (who was hit especially hard with that nasty bug). So we’re snuggled in at a rest area in with the trucks whizzing by out the front window and the neighbor’s generator humming away two parking spots over.  Ah, the sounds of life on the road.

Tomorrow we continue on for the last 300 miles of this particular journey.  It’s been a great 10 days filled with family and friends (and a fair bit too much food), but I confess to being quite ready to get settled, push out the slides and once again have access to my drawers! Montrose – here we come!

Thanks for stopping by – and helping me clear my head!

PS – if you’d like to see more of our Spring 2015 Road Trip and those cute grandkids  (and even some cute ones of some of the grown-ups) you can check them out HERE.

And if you want to see more of the SOWER Texas Roundup – well, you can check out a whole batch of them HERE!


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