Tuesday Already????

It had been my plan to post a simple photo each day during our stay at the cabin this past weekend. I mean, how hard is that? One a Day.  But although I’ve been taking those pictures, actually getting the internet to cooperate when I needed it to was another thing altogether. Now that we’re back at Montrose, I’ll stick with the plan of just one photo from each day of our May Cabin visit and the good news is, when I hit “Publish” it actually will. Publish.
Tuesday –
Made it! #youshouldseethestars
Made it! Later than usual (we didn’t get on the road until 5PM), but still we were there. And 5 glorious days stretched out ahead of us.
Wednesday –
The crescent moon was much more lovely than my camera could capture.
Thursday –
I had no agenda for this weekend. No catch-up on computer work, no need to pull all the books off the shelf and dust. Pretty much my job was to be available for when Gary needed an extra set of hands. Books were read, naps were taken. Stephanie was pretty darn lazy. Not so for Gary though!
Friday –
We did end up having to re-do the water line. Just a little more tramping in the woods!
Saturday –
Have I mentioned lately how wonderful mornings are at the Cabin.
Sunday –
Last cabin sunset, last cast iron frying pan supper, last game of Rummikub.....this time! Heading home tomorrow, but Lord willing, we'll be back. #cabinlove #sunset
Last Cabin sunset, last cast iron frying pan summer, last game of Rummikub – at least this time! Such blessing!
Monday –
I rarely post pictures of the inside of the cabin, so Sunday morning after I got it all tidied up for the next family to enjoy, I took this little video –
It looks like you have to click through to Flickr to check out the video. Who knew?
So there you have it. A Tuesday post about the last week. And you know there are more pictures, right? If you’d like to see more beautiful Vermont days, scenes from around the cabin, and hand painted sunsets, you can check them out HERE!

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