Not Quite What We Had Planned

Following right on the heels of our Fantabulous Family Reunion (more on that later, but just so you know – I’m still basking in the good vibe glow), we began what we are calling Hayley’s Sa-weet Adventure (HSA). (You have to say it Sa-Weet, not just “sweet” so you know we’re not talking about a tour of candy stores (though that might not be discouraged) but about the sa-weet time that we are having together. Or so I’ve learned.) Literally, we said good-bye to the last of the family members late Sunday morning (sniffle), did a bit of clean-up and started the HSA with a baseball game in Wilkes Barre. The Scranton/Wilkes Barre Railriders were playing the Columbus (OH) Clippers (how appropriate since H is from Columbus!).
Let the adventure begin! First day of Hayley's "Sa-weet" Adventure! #hayleyssa-weetadventureIt was a good game – lots of good hits and some exciting plays. Oh, and a couple of hotdogs and some cotton candy (shhh – don’t tell Mom and Dad). The Railriders won – good for the home team, bad for the Columbus girl – but it was close, 4-3. A quick stop for groceries and a Subway sandwich on the way home (H’s request :)), a rousing game of Rummikub (H won, of course!), and the first day was declared a success! First night and she's already beating me. #rummikub #hayleyssweetadventure
Monday morning we slept in just a bit, and then Hayley learned the fine points of Packing Up and Hitting the Road.
On our way! #hayleyssweetadventure #ontheroadagain #nofilterOur plan for Monday was a short drive (less that 100 miles) to Knoebel’s Amusement Park, do a half day there, settle into our campground and then do a full day at the park on Tuesday. Things changed, however, when this happened. First full day
Yep, for the second time in just over a week, we experienced a blowout in one of our front tires. Last week (last time we were on the road actually), front passenger side
Thank you Lord! For Gary's good driving, for it happening on the passenger side, for wide shoulders, and our roadside assistance plan.  #nohurry #yikes #inallthingsgivethanksToday, driver side front. First full day
This did not bode well (in our minds) for the remaining four tires that were all purchased at the same time. The treads looked good and the pressures were fine – but then again, so were those front tires. Since we were carrying such precious cargo, we felt that we needed to replace ALL those other tires (gulp). Thankfully we located the four tires at a shop near(ish) Knoebels and we were praying that the day could still be salvaged. Our prayers were answered. We deposited Gary and the house at the tire shop, and Hayley and I took the truck to scope out the amusement park!
First full day
First full day

Gary made it to the campground just before 8. Thank you, Lord! Hayley got to sneak in a quick swim while Gary got the house settled, we found some great burgers at a local spot and then we hit the sack. A well deserved good night’s sleep was what this little adventure needed to be sure!

This morning I am thankful for the bright sunshine that is greeting our day, our sweet brown haired beauty of a granddaughter enjoying her Raisan Bran at my kitchen table, and our emergency fund.

Let the Sa-weet Adventure continue!

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