So what’s next?

It’s seems the question of the hour around here is “What’s next for you guys?” Or maybe it’s “So where are you headed?” As summer draws to a close, our friends and family know that this little house on wheels will soon be headed down the road. But where, you ask?
Well first, right after we get Lizzie settled at the Montrose Campground, we’ll be heading to our beloved Cabin for our end of the summer R&R. Which of course means that Gary will continue to work on projects while I watch him (and catch up on my reading and napping).
CabinLatesummer2014-7So that’s first. We return to Montrose on the 24th to pick-up the house and head out to love on these guys –
and these guys –
(We’ll get to hug and kiss these guys tomorrow at the Cabin!)
By October 3rd, with our hearts full of hugs and kisses, we’ll begin our two day drive to South Dakota and good friends Don & Jenny.
South Dakota? Yep, we’re taking a second month “off” from doing SOWER projects and spending October just hanging out with good friends. I’d like to say that we’ll just be sitting around drinking iced tea and eating bon-bons, but again Gary as a long list of RV Renovations, including new flooring and a new refrigerator. Trust me, you’ll be hearing more about the big RV Reno, but for now let’s just say that October = South Dakota.
November = Oklahoma
December = Texas
January = New Mexico
February, March, and (hopefully) April – Arizona
Do you see the trend? Go West, young man, Go West!

So that’s our “what’s next”. Hope you’ll come along to see how it all pans out!
And by the way, “what’s next” for you?

2 thoughts on “So what’s next?”

  1. New grandchild any day…daughter move in temporarily for 4 weeks, Arizona, California and Texas vacation, 2nd daughter commences adoption profile…work in there also…..and some winter rest…..that’s what’s next for this Pennsylvania gal. Safe travels Stephanie.

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