Plans Awry

In a perfect world (which, of course, would be the world according to Stephanie) we’d be barreling across Iowa on Interstate 80 – maybe closing in on DesMoines. We’d be on our last leg of the 1000 mile trek from Columbus, OH to Howard, SD.
Road to Rapid city-1

Apparently that was not to be. Today we are sitting at the Big Rig Brake Shop in Enon, Ohio – all of about 100 miles into our trip. Untitled
The good news is the part (fuel pump) has been secured, and the not-so-good news is that it won’t be a simple change out of parts. New housing, hoses,….you get the drift. My hope that we’d be on our way by noon is fading fast. But, all of this newly uncovered free time will give me the opportunity to do a little blog catch-up about our great family time in Columbus.
We started out in Marysville, hanging out with these guys.
I’ve already shared some of our adventures from our time there, so let’s just say  it was time filled with merry mayhem and and maybe just a bit of Conrad Chaos! Untitled
We also got to wish a favorite 2 year old happy birthday!
Oh, my, yes – there were some precious moments in Marysville this year!
Over on the other side of town, there was more fun waiting! How can it be we are getting ready to celebrate this little girl's first birthday???? #dontblink #grands
Yes, the little girl whose arrival we were waiting anxiously for last year, was about to turn ONE (I know, that’s a pretty redundant statement) and we were delighted to be in town for the festivities!
Happy Birthday, Alexandra! So glad we could spend time with you and your Mom and Dad and celebrate your big day. Last time we were with little A she wasn’t too happy with us (or anyone who wasn’t Mommy). So it was a special delight to let her get to know us better and by the end of the time we were best friends. Well, Mommy was still her BFF, but we were at least buddies!
Yes, a good time was had by all during our Columbus sojourn. Too many hugs and kisses to count, and my tears were brimming as we left. But our South Dakota Adventure awaited.

….and apparently is still waiting. Current time – 1:30 PM. There is still someone underneath my rig and we are still sitting very, very still.

Well, let’s see what else I can get accomplished as we wait. Maybe there’s a cupboard that needs to be organized…..

Oh – if you’d like to see a few more pictures from our stay in Columbus, you can check them out HERE!

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