More South Dakota Favorites

I know I’ve shared about the dust blowing on the prairie and about the dust flying in the RV, but South Dakota has lots more to offer than opportunities for Dust.

  1. It seems that every week we make a trip into Sioux Falls.
    IMG_5440It’s about 70 miles, so you need to be very prepared and organized. On each of our two trips (so far – at least one more is in our future) we’ve made at least 5 stops. There’s no point in sharing pictures of Costco or Menards or Lowes or the Ophthalmologist office, but did you know that Sioux Falls actually has Sioux Falls? Untitled
    Even at dusk on an overcast day, it was still quite lovely. I can only imagine the area after a good rain!
  2. Although I would have to say that the green hills of Vermont will always be my favorite landscape, I am totally in love with the beauty of this area.
  3. This town. Don was raised here in Howard, moved away and raised his family. When he and Jenny were making plans to full-time RV, they chose to use Howard as their home base. They came back to the family homestead, carved out 5 acres and built a big ol’metal building to house their RV, their farm truck and back hoe and Jenny’s 1940 Stinson.
    UntitledUntitledUntitledIt also has a two bedroom apartment that is slowly being finished off. They just got their kitchen installed in September and we’ve been having a grand time cooking up a storm! IMG_5444 But aside from enjoying their work-in-progress house/hanger/garage, we’ve enjoyed being welcomed into this small family-oriented farming and ranching community. We’ve been included in birthday celebrations, impromptu runs to the local coffee shop, and met most of the neighbors.
  4. This Family. This weekend their son and family came out for a long weekend. It was such a delight to be included in the weekend’s fun – everything from a walk to the neighboring ranch
    to my first ever attempt at skeet shooting.
    Untitled(They were safe with me!)
  5. This. Every night. UntitledUntitledUntitled Untitled

        Yes indeed – we’re finding lots to love about South Dakota and Howard in particular!

    Oh, how are the renovations coming, you ask?
    Moving right along, thank you. Yes, we’re moving right along!

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