Keeping our cool

One of the main components of our RV Renovation was replacing our refrigerator.
New Refrigerator-1We were fortunate in that replacing the refrigerator wasn’t an emergency – more of just a plain ol’ upgrade. She had served us well, our little 7.5 cubic foot RV refrigerator, but after 11 years we were ready for a bit more space. We decided to change over to a residential refrigerator since we don’t do a great deal of boondocking, and if we need to we always have our generator to fall back on. It took a fair bit of research to find a unit that would fit, but we finally settled on a nice 15 cubic foot unit. *Yes – that’s DOUBLE the space!* But unlike changing out a residential unit for a residential unit(unplug, pull out, clean the floor, recover that lost set of keys and throw away those shriveled grapes, slide in the new one and plug it in) there was a fair bit more involved in making the switch. First- the removal. Doors first. New Refrigerator-2
SO thankful for that missing window!
Since it runs on propane when we’re not hooked up to shore power, we had to disconnect not just power, but also the propane line.
New Refrigerator-3

Once it was out, we were left with this – New Refrigerator-4
I knew we were going to have to sacrifice my little pantry on the right, but I figured it was a good time to sort through my food-stuff anyway, right?
Down came the wall with the insulation, and top boards were also removed.
This new refrigerator was going to need every available inch.
New Refrigerator-6

And then he had to redo the electric. New Refrigerator-7
New Refrigerator-8

Oh, those tight spaces!

But soon it was time to get that new kid installed! New Refrigerator-9
Again – so thankful for Don. This was definitely a two man job.
New Refrigerator-11

Especially after they realized that they should have put the hinge on BEFORE they put it in the hole. Like I said – every inch counts! (And we were counting on the padded ceiling to help out with that last quarter inch!)

New Refrigerator-12
Live and learn, right?
New Refrigerator-15

And here she is – still wrapped in her blue film.  I thought I’d wait until ALL the construction was done before I did a total unwrap. And while I did lose that sweet little pull out pantry, there was still room for a little broom closet :). New Refrigerator-16

Oh, My –
I might have to go buy a gallon of milk just because I can fit it in the refrigerator!!!

2 thoughts on “Keeping our cool”

  1. Fridge looks great! (and glad the website got fixed/back up without too much trouble… or at least I hope not too much trouble!)

    You won’t know what to do with all that space! 🙂

  2. I might have to actually ‘pack’ it so things don’t roll around while we’re traveling! I’m sure there will be a learning curve, but so far I’m liking it just fine!

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