South Dakota Adventure Wrap-up

Our South Dakota Adventure is officially over, and it most certainly needs a bit of a recap! Don and Jenny did their very best to give us a true taste of SD life – and they did a great job!
The Weather –
Eastern SD was blessed with warmer than usual weather for most of October. Days were generally sunny and bright, and even the cloudy days were still filled with fun.

But let’s not forget that dust storm- SDDustStorm-18
(Aunty Em, Aunty Em…..)
And just this past week we were given a quick reminder about why we are headed south!

(But Pa – I can’t find Mary or Carrie!!!!)

The Delicacies Don and Jenny made sure we enjoyed (or at least experienced) lots of the local delicacies. Like goodies at the Canova Annual Mountain Oyster Feed.

Let’s just say the ham was excellent!

We enjoyed fresh pheasant, thanks to some local hunters (and the fact we were there for the opening of pheasant season, which is a pretty big deal in South Dakota!) and a great rib eye steak dinner (remember, we’re in cattle country) with friends. Untitled
And just last night we went to the Howard Country Club and I had Chislic – a true Eastern South Dakota specialty.

Now those pretty delicious!

The Activities – Remember the skeet shooting? Untitled
Fun to watch, fun to try!
We took some great walks (though not quite enough to balance out the amount of the goodies we ate) and garnered a fair bit of interest from the local residents.

Jenny and I went horseback riding with Emily – Untitled
And I was reminded that I hadn’t been on a horse in about 8 years.

(What, you say your horse is limping? Why, I’ll be happy to walk with him back to the barn…..)

Gary & Don got to do some cattle rustling. We were checking out the clouds on the horizon when suddenly about 50 young steers came trotting into view. Untitled
And they did not belong there! After alerting the rancher across the street (just in case he hadn’t noticed) the guys jumped in their trucks to help head them off at the pass.

They were quickly joined by the official cowboys and all the cattle were secured within the hour. (Although they didn’t all make it home for a couple of days!).

And let’s not forget that pick-up truck ride and our weekly jaunts into Sioux Falls. Untitled
Along with getting that renovation done, we’ve had a great month discovering South Dakota!
We awoke this morning to this beautiful sunrise –

hooked up the truck to the house Untitled
and bid a fond farewell to Howard, SD

and our dear friends! Untitled
We might not make it back to Howard (and all our new friends there) for a couple of years, but we’ll be working with Don & Jenny next month, so I don’t have to panic about that just yet!

Real time update – tonight we’re in a Wally World parking lot in York, Nebraska (along with several other RVs and a couple of big trucks). Nebraska is one of the two states we haven’t been in yet (North Dakota being the other), so I’m happy to report that we think Nebraska is one very lovely state!


4 thoughts on “South Dakota Adventure Wrap-up”

  1. amazing they did not take you to a tractor pull! SD is indeed a good state. Did you make it to the meat market in Howard? Great place!

  2. No tractor pull – and we only ATE steaks from the Locker. But all in all they showed us a grand time, and I’m sure we’ll be making our way back there in the future!

  3. I enjoyed reading your post! It was fun to meet you. I do hope that you will visit us in SD again some day. Have a great adventure this winter. It is still beautiful in SD!

  4. Hi, Peggy! We certainly had a wonderful time in Howard and it was great fun to meet you (and Tim, too!). Everyone made us feel right at home – and I’m sure we’ll be back your way in the future. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet!

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