New Life Ranch

New Month, New Day, New Job

Well, we’ve just completed our first day at New Life Ranch, located in the NE corner of Oklahoma. We arrived yesterday, after a lovely drive through South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, and finally Oklahoma. Yes, there were a lot of fields and not a lot of curves, but we still enjoyed the drive. Especially Nebraska, since we hadn’t traveled through that state before.
Kansas Road
(That just leaves North Dakota on the ‘haven’t been there yet’ list. Maybe next year?)
But I digress –
Our first day on the job went really well! We ladies had a bit of a slow start, waiting for the office team to arrive to get us started on some data entry, but all in all it was a good morning.
Once we get that task completed, I’ve been told we’ll be moving on to sewing curtains. Oh, my. Computer work and sewing projects – they really know how to spoil a girl!
The guys got started right away on a new gatehouse at the main entrance.
New Life Ranch-6
It’s a pretty little building, but it started this morning with only a concrete slab, so I think they are making some great progress. Of course, getting 5 guys to work on such a small space can be challenging!
New Life Ranch-9
Nothing like a ‘little’ new construction to make the SOWER men happy!

Since there is another batch of volunteers here, we’re in some temporary parking at the moment.
New Life Ranch-1
But while it will be nice to move up to the regular RV park, this spot is working out really well. We’re quite centrally located and Gary has a nice little garage for him to work on some of the finishing touches of the RV Reno. But our official spot looks like it will be pretty nice too!
New Life Ranch-5

Here are a couple more shots from a little walk-about I did today to get a feel for the lay of the land.

New Life Ranch-4 New Life Ranch-2
New Life Ranch-7 New Life Ranch-8

So our first SOWER work day in two months went really well. It feels good to be back in the saddle again – here at New Life Ranch!

2 thoughts on “New Month, New Day, New Job”

  1. Oh it looks beautiful!!! Still see fall colors. Did I see horse stables? Jenny must LOVE that!!!

  2. Yes – there are horses!!! And Jenny is super excited! It is a lovely camp, and with guests here all week we’ve been getting to see it in action! (Plus we’ve been invited to join them for meals – always a blessing!). Thanks for stopping by!

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