Half Done

Can you believe it? This month’s project is already half over! We’ve really been enjoying our time here.
The deer are abundant
(and not eating any of my shrubs).
The lake is beautiful
and every now and again, a road runner actually runs by our rig!
But it’s not all flora and fauna – sometimes we actually work! My task for the last week was to assist in turning their auditorium
into a Christmas Wonderland for two different banquets.
They had already started to hang some lights, but there was still much to do! Candy (my new partner in crime) and I worked pretty steady all week; doing a little set design
making hula hoops into chandeliers, stringing lights on trees, decorating tables and making boxes into podiums!
Boxes –
It’s amazing what you can accomplish with plastic tablecloths and duct tape!
The first banquet was for a local church, and I think the finished project turned out quite lovely.
That was Saturday. Aside from providing the venue, decorations and food, the rest of the program was up to the church. By the end of the evening the tables were clear, the dishes were done and the floor was swept. Monday morning we started decorating for the camp’s Christmas Dinner Theatre. Which was a bit more elaborate and actually put the all that “set design” to use!
Camp Feud, Wheel of Camp, and “Are you smarter than a Camper?” Such a fun night!
Today was a bit of recovery and bookkeeping and tomorrow we start with the un-decorating. Oh, well, it had to end sometime. So many twinkle lights – so little time!

Gary? What’s Gary been doing? Well, he’s had a punch list of things to do, most of which are electrical in nature. Which means he’s pretty much had his head in the ceiling since we got here!
Like I said – it’s been a good couple of weeks!

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