Wrapping it up

There’s a lot to be wrapping up around here, but I’m going to try ‘wrapping up’ this month’s SOWER project before too much time goes by. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older, but these three weeks (as always) just seem to whiz by! (Wait, Christmas is on FRIDAY??!!!!!) As usual, we’ve come to love the folks here at Heart of Texas Camp and have had a great three weeks. Job wise, it was pretty straightforward. First week – decorate for Christmas banquets.
Second week, undecorate!
We had our fun weekend in Wacotown, and then we were back for our last week of work! For me it was a new job – researching grant opportunities that might be available for capital improvements at the camp. And for Gary –
Yeah – he was back on ladders doing that electrical stuff!
But the highlight of our last week was twofold. One, we were able to join the staff in their annual Christmas party. It was fun to join together with these good folks in a social setting – and enjoy some delicious food to boot! This year, instead of having the traditional gift exchange, we all brought items to be used in ‘goody bags’ to be distributed through a local ministry in Brownwood.
Socks, gloves, toiletries, water, non-perishable foods – it was quite a bag when it was all said and done!
Which brings me to the second highlight of the week. After putting those bags together, we ladies were able to delivery them on Thursday afternoon to Good Samaritan Ministries and see the impact this ministry is making in the community.
They have a several food programs – from a food pantry available to county residents to homeless boxes (food and necessities) to meals for kids on weekends (when they aren’t getting school lunches) to Christmas food boxes. Over on the clothing side there is a Resale Store that is open to the public with the proceeds going to fund their various programs. And if a family is in need of clothing and cannot afford to ‘shop’, each family member is given 5 complete outfits. Our ‘goody bags’ will be incorporated into the Homeless Food Box program.
There is also counseling available, food for shut-ins, and a variety of other services available to the community.
We were so inspired! Although there are some paid staff members, many of the positions are filled by volunteers from local churches, work or civic organizations. Their mission is clear – “..to proclaim the Gospel in both word and deed to all the people in need in Brown County, TX”. As it says on their brochure – because being a good neighbor is not an option; it’s a command.
Such a good place! In our world of bad press, it is wonderful to see folks living out Jesus in these ways!
We finished off our outing with a little visit to said Resale Shop (my personal addiction)and then lunch out.
It was a pretty perfect “Ladies Day Out” with a special dose of inspiration thrown in!

So here we are, just beginning our official Christmas Break. We’ll be heading north (in the truck) on Wednesday to spend the next week and a half with our kids up in Ohio. We are so looking forward to hugs and kisses and giggles galore. With all 17 of us together, I’m sure there will be a bit of chaos also, but we are so blessed to be able to spend this time with the kids and grands. So if it’s a bit quiet around here until after the new year, please be patient. You know I’ll be back, with a heart full of family goodness. (And most likely a couple of pictures of the kiddos too!)

If you’d like to see a couple more photos from the Heart of Texas Camp, HERE is the link. And I’ll leave you with one more sunset from Saturday night –

Thank you, Lord, for another month filled with blessing!

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