Catching our breath

Here we are in the Walmart parking lot in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, getting ready to head into our January SOWER project, Apple Tree Educational Center. It will feel great to get settled in our own little space. And catching our breath.
Since the last time I updated this little corner of the internet we have –

  • Traveled 3000 miles in the truck
  • Traveled 600+ miles in the RV
  • Spent 6 of the last 16 days driving
  • Slept in 6 different beds in the last 16 days
  • Pulled out the credit card too many times to count
  • Hugged and loved on our beautiful family (and are still suffering from empty arm syndrome)

There are photos to sort through (like 738), thoughts to organize – oh, and laundry to do! Hopefully the weekend will prove to be productive, and I’ll be able to whittle away at the to-do list. And the update-the-blog list.

Thanks for stopping by – and for being patient with me! IMG_6348

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