Kids and Cameras

One of the favorite activities during our Christmas/New Years family holiday was for one of the kids to grab my camera and start taking pictures. I always set some parameters like the neck strap must be used AT ALL TIMES and do not force the flash. But pretty much, they were welcome to grab and go (after they’ve put that neck strap on)! Without the constraints of 24 pictures to a roll of film (raise your hand if you remember the angst of choosing the right subject for that last photo), pretty much the sky’s the limit! And once the pictures were loaded onto my computer it was great fun to see just what the 5-11 crowd thinks are fun things to photograph.
Oh, they weren’t all ‘winners’
and some of them were a little blurry
(that’s Noah moving at the speed of light)
But mostly they were pretty creative – and lots of fun! Here are a couple of my favorites –
Who you lookin’ at?
Lion hair Maddie
Got that move in focus!
Mmmmm – cuties!
Working on depth of field
Creativity at the table.
Ooooo – candies!

Looks like we have a couple budding photographers! I’m happy to see them interested, but you have to watch out. You never know who might just find themselves in the pictures!
If you’d like to see some additional Kids and Cameras photos, the set is HERE!

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