The day that everything changed

We’d been waiting for a while. We certainly didn’t know what day it would be, but we knew it would be a day that would change everything.
February 3, 2003. 02-03-2003 (it has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?)
That was the day that we welcomed our very first grandchild into our lives and hearts. Although you THINK you know how much you will love that first grandbaby, when it actually happens you are struck with the wonder of it all and your heart swells, barely able to contain the love. Our precious granddaughter, Ellie, turns 13 today. We can hardly wrap our minds around the fact we have a teenage granddaughter, and we know the rest of the crew won’t be far behind. But today, we just want to wish this very smart and funny and creative and brave and Jesus-loving granddaughter the very best of birthdays! We love you to the moon and back!
Itty bitty Ellie –
Ellie baby
Ellie baby
Ellie 6 mos.
Ellie at 6 months

Ellie – 13

Be still my heart!

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