Settling In

Today was a Bee-U-Ti-Full day! Sunny, bright, and in the low 70’s! Our fellow workers came in today and after everyone was settled, we had our first meeting where we go over whats-what at the project (laundry, mail, trash – you know, the practical stuff), and then we spent some time getting to know each other. Both of the other couples are from Minnesota, two were teachers, one was a nurse and one was a road engineer. I love that we get to meet folks from all over the country and from all different kinds of walks of life. One of the couples expressed how one of the best part of being a SOWER was the instant community that happens at our projects. And I can only agree – I have met some amazing folks and have formed life-long friendships with folks that I would never have met if it weren’t for this SOWER path that we are following.
Last month we had an especially unique (for us, anyway) opportunity to work with the NCCC team that was working for 12 weeks at AppleTree Educational Center. These 9 young adults (18-24 year old) arrived when we did and were housed in our “Orchard” neighborhood. Jayne and I worked with them in the library,
and the guys worked with them in the renovations of the building.
We also saw them working with the kids at the daycare and school and even painting murals on one of the center’s walls.
They worked into the evening at the Boys and Girls Club in town and played hard on the weekends, hiking the nearby mountains, and generally kicking back after the busy week. We loved having them in the neighborhood, and on our last Sunday we gathered together for a final meal before we SOWERS all went our separate ways. Here we are (well, most of us anyway) squinting into the sunshine after we’d filled up on hot dogs and hamburgers and chocolate cake!
NCCC Kidscrop
They certainly added some sparkle to the month and we’re going to miss those kiddos. But this month promises to be full of sparkle too! I just met the 2 year old who lives in one of houses on our campus. 🙂
Like I said, meeting folks – old and young – is one of the best parts of being a SOWER!

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