And the week is over! I totally missed “Mondays are for Memories”, whizzed right past “One Word Wednesday” and even missed wishing our youngest a Happy 9th Anniversary. (that would be a blog wish. We did call, honest!) And here we are at Friday already. Phew. What a busy week!
First – here’s just a bit about the ministry where we are serving this month. Shepherd’s Canyon Retreats began (officially) just 9 years ago with a vision to minister to pastors and full-time ministry workers experiencing burn-out. For several years they held retreats (with professional counselors) at various locations throughout the US. In 2012 they purchased this property outside of Wickenburg – 8+ acres with a duplex and a pool. The property had been on the market for 7 years, so there was much to do to convert it into a retreat center of any kind. In the years since then, the duplex has been retrofitted to accommodate retreats and the grounds have been cared for.
But there was still more to the vision. Beginning in April 2014 a second building, The Fellowship House, was begun. Untitled
As is often the case when buildings are built with mostly volunteer labor, it’s been a long process. Needless to say, the guys have been busy, busy, busy in that building.Untitled
Meanwhile, we ladies have had our own agenda! Tomorrow is the ministry’s annual “Friends of Shepherd’s Canyon Retreat” Banquet and Fellowship House Dedication. (Yes, we all know the Fellowship House isn’t anywhere near occupancy, but this was scheduled before all kinds of permit issues slowed them down. So, on with the Dedication it is!) Our jobs have included working on the grounds, cleaning the perpetual AZ dust from the outdoor areas-
sewing tablecloths and other decorations
and then putting together all of the table decorations!
Since we can’t actually decorate the tables until the morning of the event (due to the crazy AZ wind!), today was spent prepping salads for the meal tomorrow.
Tomorrow should be a wild and crazy day (with (hopefully) winds under 10 mph) as we set up, decorate and get ready. But with all that has been going on, the days have just raced by. Although it didn’t race by too quickly for a couple of us girls to take advantage of the hot tub in the afternoon a few times!
That time the SOWER project had a hot tub. #thankful #ohyeahbaby #sowers
Now that’s a SOWER Perk we don’t come across very often!

4 thoughts on “Wooosh…….”

  1. Looks awesome! Esp the hot-tub dip!! The gala event will go off with out a hitch I pray!

  2. So neat! I love AZ!! And it looks like ya’all are enjoying yourselves while getting a lot accomplished!

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