Monday’s are for Memories – Cherry Valley, CA

During our “week off” between projects, we decided to hang out with our good buddies, Don and Jenny (of South Dakota and the RV Renovations fame) where they were working over in Cherry Valley, CA, a SOWER project we worked at back in 2010. So here we are, enjoying the company of good friends,  good internet and even some TV (while we had good friends at the last project, we were lacking the internet/TV component). So this week we’re catching up, not only with Don and Jenny, but also our internet chores. Like filing those pesky taxes, insurance quotes (huge increases this year!!!) and blog posts! I have lots to fill in from our last week at Standing Stones, but right now I need to get working on some of those other more pressing life chores!

So for the memory this fine Monday, here is my “Group Leader Report” from the last time we were here in Cherry Valley –

January 28, 2010 – GL Reporting

Have I mentioned before that we are the SOWER Group Leaders at Cherry Valley Brethren School? Every SOWER project has its own Group Leader. The GL is the main liaison between the host (the folks that run the ministry) and the SOWER workers. They are responsible for making sure that everyone has what they need when they need it, and they’re the ones who get the “what next” look from their fellow SOWERs. We haven’t been GLs for a while (well, unless you count when we’re group leaders when we’re alone on a project. Then we’re just the GLs for us. We’re pretty good at that!). I confess Gary doesn’t enjoy being the GL, though he is really a good one. He just prefers doing the work rather than working at keeping everyone else busy. But most of the GL stuff is behind us, and the only thing that remains is the GL Report. At the end of the project we meet together, go over some questions about the project (Is the information provided correct, were the parking spots “as advertised”, did anyone have any problems – you know, that kind of stuff.) And then we have to summarize what we did in (hopefully) 100 words – or less, they say! Ha!
So here is what I wrote –
We welcomed Gary and Laura “back” to Sowers – they have been off the road for 10 years! It was good to have them back, and we all had a busy month. The men worked their way through a long maintenance list – painting, repairing plumbing, building platforms, leveling concrete and yard work to name a few. They tackled a major remodel of the teachers’ lounge, complete with new flooring and paint, and re-tiled the floor in the ladies’ room. The ladies did cleaning, painting, filing, organizing and generally tried to lend a hand where needed. We also enjoyed several nights of great fellowship.
102 words.
I think I did pretty good – at least in the number of words category. But trying to condense the last three weeks into 100 words is really pretty impossible.
How can I explain (in 100 words or less) how a simple request to remove a broken vending machine from the teachers’ lounge resulted in a full scale remodel. New flooring, new paint, new arrangement.
From this (part way through the destruction phase)
Teachers lounge before
To this.
Teachers Lounge after
How can I explain (in 100 words or less) the fun we had on “Spirit Day” when the theme was “The Fifties”. We couldn’t come up with any poodle skirts like some of the staff,
But I think we held our own…..
fifties girls
Do I even try to express (in those 100 or less words) what it felt like to wake up to this one morning?
January Snow
Not a chance.
And how can I relate (in 100 words or less, please) how sweet it was to end the project today by doing a crafty cut and paste job
Heart project-1
Heart Project
since earlier in the project we were doing this –

How can I include (in those 100 words or less) how we (all 8 of us) were blessed to be able to receive free Chiropractic care for the whole time we were there. I had never been to a chiropractor before, but Dr. Bob thought he could help those of us with colds too, so I gave it a shot. Did he help, or did the cold run its course? I don’t know – but I know I feel just fine now! Oh, and we’re all perfectly adjusted too!

And somehow the “We also enjoyed several nights of great fellowship” does little to tell about the great meals we shared
Dinner out
or the fun we had when we got together for games.

Nope, when you only get 100 words you’ve got to keep it brief.

Just the facts, Ma’am. Just the facts.

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