Blogging Woes

So I’ve been having a tough time getting back into the blogging ‘rhythm’. Sorry about the long gap in my journaling. Since my last post about our beautiful drive to Mt. Rainier (us and about a thousand other folk that day), life has just continued to percolate right along. Last weekend was pretty cool and rainy, so we stayed home and worked on some home projects. I did some sewing and Gary put up some blinds and caught up with his reading. Meals were eaten and laundry was done. We both took a couple of naps, watched a couple of movies (minimal TV here – it’s pretty much DVD’s or nuttin’) – but I bet your weekend was a bit like that too! So until I get my creative juices flowing a bit more steadily, here is just a quick update of our work here at Black Lake.
Last week my co-painter (the one who does great creative painting) was away taking care of some family business, so I was left alone with my paint and brushes. I confess, it really went pretty well (for a non-painter like me!). By the end of the week the entire interior of the cabin (except the bathroom) had a fresh coat of paint, had been (more or less) emptied out, and was ready to be put back together!
Remember how it looked before?
The camp will be needing it for this weekend, so I’m sure the next two days will be busy!
Glenda (the wonderful painter) is back, and the camp had an idea to keep her busy this last week –
They have this dunk tank that seemed just a little boring.
Yes, that’s me perched up there. They wanted her to get an idea of where the victims would be sitting. Gulp.
Because this is how it’s being painted –
Isn’t she amazing? And this photo was taken early today – I’ll be sure to share the completed project. (Along with the decorated cabin!)
The guys have been busy too – I just haven’t been able to keep such good track of them! There was a bathroom remodel, a ramp built, a multitude of tables and benches painted, repaired or built from scratch –
and any number of other items checked off their to-do list. These have been full days for the guys too! Once again, it’s hard to believe we’re in the home stretch – only two working days to go! Let’s hope we finish strong!

We’ve also had a stretch of typical Seattle early summer weather – cool and rainy. Every now and again the sun peaks through, but then moments later we hear the rain on the roof.
Sun and rain
Hopefully the weather will break a bit for our week ‘off’. We’re only moving up the peninsula to Port Hadlock (you can check out the map over here), so we’ll be hanging around Olympia next week with some free time on our hands. I hoping for some touristy type excursions, but Gary keeps mentioning oil changes and generator maintenance, so I guess we’ll be splitting the time between fun and function!

Till next time – thanks for stopping by!

3 thoughts on “Blogging Woes”

  1. Hopefully maintenance will be minimum and you can tour the area more. Loved the post and the creative painting on the tank!

  2. I chuckled at the painting on the dunk tank. Very creative.

    Hop you do have time for touring. Olympic National Park was a destination. Motorcycle ride a few years ago. The drive up to a hurricane Ridge and the views are spectacular. Another wondrous gift of our Creator. We also visited the Hoh rainforest on the west side of the park. Peaceful and uncrowned and so great (and wet).

    There is a huge lavender festival around this time of year in Sequim. Hopefully you can catch it.

  3. Thank you for these great suggestions! I’m hoping this coming week with be filled with Pacific SW beauty – and then next month we move up the peninsula to the Port Townsend area so hopefully we can check out the lavender festival!

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