Black Lake Wrap-up!

We are getting ready to do our 100 mile trip to our next project (YWAM, Discovery Bay, in Port Townsend, WA – up on the Olympic Peninsula), but I wanted to do a quick wrap-up…
(OK – packing up to move the house apparently trumps blog updating, so I’m happy to report that we have safely arrived at Discovery Bay. The slides are out, the levelers down, and lunch has been eaten. Now where was I…..Oh right -)
quick wrap-up of our time at Black Lake Bible Camp.
First of all – these people!
Black lake group
Old friends – New friends – Forever friends! We had a great month working along side these folks. Lots of laughs and lots of work too! We discovered the Wednesday $9.99 Steak Dinner special at a local restaurant and we may or may not have gone each Wednesday we were there. That’s the kind of group this was!
The staff here was also exceptional! Very welcoming, loved to share about their ministry, and even the director could be found doing whatever needed to be done. Like the day we saw him painting new lines in the parking lots. I love that! We had an especially nice time sharing several meals with a staff family that had 4 adorable kiddos – very close in age to our grands. No pictures – too busy enjoying the time!
But we did get some work done, honest!
As often is the case, I didn’t get many action shots of the guys actually working, but trust me, they were very busy! I already mentioned the tables and chairs and decks and even some roof work they got done, but there were also ramps, railings, electrical work and that bathroom that got remodeled (virtually single handed-ly by Roy) that was added to the Jobs Done list.
June 2016 iPhone
We ladies also managed to complete our to-do list. Lola redid any number of pillows, Glenda worked her creative magic on those camp store signs and the dunk tank,
(How cute is that!!)
and I finished up the painting in Alderwood and then Lola and I cleaned it up and put it all back together again (with lots of new furniture! What fun!).
I think the guests will like it! It was great fun to see it from the beginning (well, with all the old furniture piled in the middle at least) to getting it all spiffed up for guests! We also worked on cleaning and re-decorating another small cabin that will be used by the summer staff chaplain and his wife. It’s really tiny – but pretty cute!
Although I do think this toilet/shower configuration might get a little old after a while!
Just sayin’.

So once again, it was a grand month! We were blessed to serve at this camp, we were able to do a bit of sightseeing (oh, those amazing mountains!), and we made new friends. I’m not sure it can get any better than that!

(There were a couple of other interruptions as I tried to finish up – like a trip into Port Townsend for coffee (we’re near Seattle, remember) and a bit of exploring with our new neighbors and dinner. So it’s quite late in the day (early morning for those of you on the East Coast) but at least I got ‘er done! Here’s a taste of our little jaunt into town –

Port Townsend Port Townsend
Port Townsend Port Townsend
Port Townsend Port Townsend

I think this month holds just a bit of promise too!)

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  1. Looks like a lot was accomplished. Happy summer and may your days be productive, joyful and safe as you minister with your talents for Him! Thank you Stephanie for your blog updates.

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