Happy Wednesday!

It’s a foggy, misty morning here outside of Port Townsend and since my SOWER task involves scraping, cleaning and painting door frames, I decide to finish up my work hours after lunch when the sun is promised to be shining.
Usual view across Discovery Bay –
This morning –
My assignment (and 15 or so like it)
So – this afternoon it is!
With an almost free morning (which is disappearing fast), I thought it might be time for a bit of an update. In a nutshell –
We’re HERE!
YWAM, Discovery Bay offers three month discipleship training courses, courses on teaching English as a second language, and also courses concentrating on foreign missions – the School of Frontier Missions. Between YWAM events (courses), the facility is used for area retreats and camps. Right now they are in one of those ‘in-between’ times, so it’s a great time to get some maintenance done. The guys are working on some roofing issues in the office that require pulling down the ceiling in the said office (yuk – the mess), and we ladies are busy sprucing up the cabins by painting the trim.
Since we’re parked behind the buildings
so we don’t have a view of the mountains and the bay – but last night we had a evening visitor which was kinda fun!
(The lines in the bottom right corner are our windshield wiper. Guess having a big ol’ RV or two in the neighborhood is no big deal to this guy. Or the young doe that followed him!)

We’re getting familiar with the area and are looking forward to a great month! There is tons of stuff to explore – from the artsy Victorian seaport of Port Townsend
to the Olympic National Park, to taking the ferry into Seattle!
(Photo taken from Port Orchard – you can’t actually see Seattle from Port Townsend!)

At any rate – it’s time for lunch out here on the West Coast, and then it’s back to work for me! Thanks for stopping by – you can check out some other pictures of our first days here over on the photos page if you’d like a bit more detail!

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