Better get busy…..

Man, if I don’t get these last couple of days ‘documented’ I’ll be in big trouble. We’ve had a busy couple of days, and I hate to get too backed up! So here’s where the fun began –
Thursday night we went to the “Concert on the Dock” in Port Townsend. And here are the “We” –
Lin and Randy, co-workers here at YWAM, joined us for some of our weekend adventures and we had so much fun!
The concert was great (and so fun to see the town in action!)
Plus it gave me a chance to catch some ‘evening light’ pictures of the bay –
Port Townsend
Port Townsend
But the next day was even more fun, when we took in the Annual Sequim Lavender Festival.
We visited several of the local farms 
checked out the street fair
and took more pictures than you could possibly imagine!

I did manage to whittle the batch down (and even included some from a couple of non-lavender beach-type photos), and if you’d like to see them, you can check out the batch HERE!
Oh, for some way to share the wonderful fragrance of the day!
Saturday and Sunday were actually pretty quiet, and then yesterday we took the Ferry into Seattle for the day!
While we only scratched the surface of All Things Seattle, we did manage to easily put our 10,000 steps to good use. 🙂
From the Ferry we walked up to the Seattle Center, taking in the Olympic Sculpture Garden on the way.
Once we actually got to Seattle Center (home to the Space Needle, Chihuly Gardens and Glass, and the Pacific Science Center among other delights) we had a tough choice. Since the day was quite overcast, we opted not to go up the Space Needle. (Actually the price tag did have a bit of influence there too.) We’d heard the Science Center was amazing, but especially fun for kids. With no grandkids in tow, it only made sense to make the oh-so-amazing Chiluly Gardens and Glass exhibit our “to do” splurge for the day. And although it was pricey, it was indeed oh-so-amazing!
From the first thing you saw when you walked in
Chilhuly Gardens-1
to the last view of the gardens
Chilhuly Gardens-36
and all the points in between
Chilhuly Gardens-14
it was amazing! Even on an overcast day, it was spectacular. Here’s a slideshow of just our Chilhuly stop. Enjoy! (If you’d like to seem the group on Flickr, check them out HERE!)

After the Chilhuly, we took the Monorail back to downtown.
From there it was back up a couple of blocks to the Seattle Glassblowing Studio. Now it wasn’t Chilhuly’s studio (that’s outside of town), but it was a wonderfully interesting stop! (And free!) We were able to watch a team of artists take this rolling globe (already, I learned later, about 40 minutes into the process)
into an amazing fluted (giant) bowl (seen here just before Asbestos Man grabbed it!)
The adjoining shop had many beautiful things to purchase, but we held back. Glass things and driving your house down the road don’t really mix well.
OK – next up was Pike’s Market. I mean really, is it possible to ‘do’ Seattle without a stop at the market? Don’t think so!
Crazy busy – and crazy fun!
Our final splurge was dinner dockside at Ivars Acres of Clams. After some of the richest clam chowder I’ve ever had, we both enjoyed a fabulous Salmon dinner while we watched the ferries coming and going.
Total splurge. Because sometimes you have to! #Seattle #ivars #salmon deliciousoverload
And soon (because our feet were yelling at us), it was time to board our own ferry and head back home. And of course, for the first time all day, the sun broke through the clouds to show off Seattle in it’s finest ‘golden hour’ sunlight!
It was a beautiful ending to quite a lovely day!
Tomorrow we head off for another adventure – checking out the Olympic National Park with a couple of sweet overnights away from the RV thrown it. Hurricane Ridge, Crescent Lake, Hoh Rain Forest and points west – we’ll see you soon!

And….if you’d like to see the whole set of our Day in Seattle pictures – you can check them out HERE! (You knew that was coming, right?)

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