Two girls and a baby goat

We have worked at Trinity Pines Camp, in Trinity, TX three times in the last 4 years. And each year, Gary says, “Let’s go to Dry Creek for their community Fish Fry while we’re here.” Well, Dry Creek Camp does hold an excellent (as in possibly the best we’ve ever had) fish fry the third Thursday of every month from September to April. We know, first hand, because we’ve worked there and thoroughly enjoyed that meal. But Dry Creek Camp is in Dry Creek, LOUISIANA, so I just look at him and say, “Honey, I really think 140 miles for a fish fry is a little over-the-top,” and we don’t go. But THIS year we are also the Area Reps for Dry Creek and the standard protocol is to do an annual visit to each of the ministries in our territory. (Now, mind you – we can do this by phone, or ask another SOWER to do it who might be working there. An “in person” visit is not required!). I was still hesitant, but then I remembered that we had some good SOWER friends working there – and well, the deal was sealed.
We left right after devotions on Thursday and arrived just in time to stand in line with the masses.
And from that point on, we were too busy eating and visiting to take any pictures of this great meal. (But really, who needs more food pictures, right?) We thoroughly enjoyed the meal and visiting with other folks who were likewise enjoying the meal. It was also fun to harass the wait staff – many who were our SOWER friends! We even managed to sit down with the camp director and have that official meeting!
After lunch, while Gary took at a nap, Jenny & I took a walk to see some baby goats. As in a couple of days old baby goats.
They were sooooo adorable!
So cute! (Even if the goat is a bit fuzzy!)
We spent the night at Dry Creek, had a lovely evening of fellowship with our fellow SOWERS,
and then joined the group on Friday morning on a bit of Agri-tourism – Learning the ins and outs of a Crawfish Pond and getting them to market.
It was a very fun morning!
We decided since we had come this far, we might as well go an additional 60 miles to our other Louisiana ministry – Acadian Baptist Center down the road in Eunice, LA. Don and Jenny tagged along, and we had a great visit with the staff there and were also able to touch base with the SOWERs that were working there. We’re glad we drove those extra miles!
Yes, it was crazy to drive 140 miles to enjoy a delicious catfish dinner, but with all the perks that came with it – we’re so very glad we went! It was a 36 hour, 400+ mile travel extravaganza!
Heading back to Trinity, TX after a quick overnight excursion to Louisiana. #roadtrip #texasskies #sowerfriends

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