Reflection and Anticipation

This past week has been crazy wonderful. Or maybe I should say it’s been crazy AND wonderful! We started off the week with the 2017 SOWER Ministry Texas Round-up.  With the campground full (30 rigs), and the fire pit going all the time, it was a wonderful three days of fellowship. Since I haven’t even begun to sort through the pictures (and hilarious videos) from that, the ‘Round-up reflection’ will have to wait. Because pretty much from the moment we waved good-bye to last RV pulling out on Wednesday, we (ok, mostly ME) have been in GET READY FOR THE CRUISE mode. While our traveling companions are more seasoned Cruisers, this is an absolute first for us. (I’m pretty sure taking that ferry across Lake Champlain doesn’t count.) Here is just a partial list of our cruise preparations this week-
Collecting seasick remedy/preventions and sunscreens
Better safe than sorry, right?
Getting a hair cut –
Yes, I am getting a “Flo-bee” haircut by Jenny. Quite the experience, let me tell you!
(Gary got a hair cut too – just no documentation!)
Getting a pedicure
Seven of us ‘left-overs’ from the Round-up descended on a local nail salon to get the full treatment.
We had such a blast as those two hard-working manicurists worked their way through our toes!
That shop may never be the same.
Last minute shopping – We made sure we had swimming shoes (we’re going snorkeling at one of our stops) and floppy hats for the sun.
Fashion Consultation
We girls had several fashion consults with each other to make sure we were taking the right clothes. I’m sure the Cruise Fashion Patrol has long since retired, but it sure was fun putting together outfits and coming up with our “Dinner Wear”.
(The guys, of course, threw 3 pairs of shorts, a jacket and 4 shirts in their suitcase and they were good to go.)

Tonight we’re gathering for a Clean Out the Refrigerator dinner, one final check to make sure we have all our ducks in a row, and then tomorrow morning we head to Galveston. To say we are super excited (and maybe a little nervous, it being the first time and all) is a bit of an understatement. We’ve decided to go completely unplugged for the week so don’t be expecting any daily updates. My iPhone will only be used for picture-taking, and my tablet for devotions and reading. The computer is staying home. And this little corner of the internet will be oh-so-quiet for the next week-plus – since we return and then hit the road right away the following morning!.
Thanks for stopping by – and we’ll ‘talk’ again soon!

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