Ten Things

1. We were blessed to have another SOWER couple working with us last month. Darla & I worked on folding sheets and some sewing projects while Ed helped Gary in the Dorm Basement renovations.
Loved having them here!

2. The Dorm Basement project is complete! Ok, so not complete-complete like campers will be staying there, but the new doors are in, wiring is done, the ductwork is installed and the upstairs (where campers WILL be staying next week) is all good to go.
Which is a very good thing, ‘cause, you know – those campers arriving this weekend.

3. When Becky (head of housekeeping and essentially my boss) asked me to make some covers for the laundry carts, she assured me that she had a pattern.

Silly me – I was thinking like a McCalls pattern. Nope – what I had to work with was an existing cover. How hard can it be, I thought? Well, I’m happy to report that by the third one I had the technique down pat!
And now I have only two more to go.

4. Ditto above on the fire extinguisher covers (for the outdoor units) that she needed to have made. Thankfully that was simple enough to actually deconstruct for a pattern. All good to go there!
I do the sewing – someone else does the lettering!

5. When you’ve got some new (and very stiff) laundry bags and you can’t get the cording to go through no matter how hard you try (I know, we should’ve but the cording in before we stitched it up, but that wasn’t an option.), you bring it home and ask the hubby for help. He pulls out his wire fish, and presto – the deed is done.

That Gary – he really is my hero!

6. Today I moved from the sewing activities to the kitchen. It was salad bar all the way!

So thankful for the giant slicer-dicer-shredder they have in the kitchen!

7. We’ll be having the Dwinell Family Reunion here in less than two weeks. So excited to hug the necks of these folks!
Hoping to update this favorite!

8. And in connection with the reunion, we decided to get some T-shirts to commemorate the gathering. So I put on my Graphic Designer hat and got busy. Of course, I don’t actually have a Graphic Designer hat, but it did give me a good excuse to play around with my Photoshop Elements program and a couple of fun phone apps.

9. Tomorrow I am having my every-ten-year–cause-you-should colonoscopy. Which means I’m hanging close to home this afternoon and evening. But I’m prepared –
No  scratchy single-ply for this girl!

10. Today is the 13th anniversary of my first blog post. Crazy, right? This is post number 1374. And in honor of that, I wanted to let you know that it will be a little quiet around here this summer. I’m working hard to keep the floor swept, the bathroom clean, and my man fed. Kind of like what YOU are working hard at. So I’m giving myself permission to have a lite-blogging summer. So unless there is REALLY something to share (oh, like pictures of the family in their matching T-shirts), I’ll just keep plugging along with life in general – and pray you do also!
See ya when I see ya!

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