One A Day

We’ve been at The Cabin over a week, and (needless to say) it’s been wonderful. The days have been, for the most part, perfect Vermont days, the nights cool and the mornings have been starting with the aroma of fresh brewed coffee and the crackle of a fire. (OK, so the fact that those things tend to happen around 5:30AM are a bit disconcerting, but I have found that drifting back to sleep for a bit is a very doable thing!)  Instead of trying to write at length about what all we’ve been doing,  I thought I would just try to find one picture per day to share the essence of that time. (Of course, at the end I’ll have links to more pictures, if you feel so inclined!).  Here we go –
Thursday – Arrival!
It felt so good to be opening the gate – we knew beautiful days were ahead of us!
Friday – Rain, Rain, stay and keep up quiet!
Saturday – The sun returned, and we did some tramping about to see some of the changes in the landscape in year we missed coming.
Cabin view 2017
Sunday – Sweet worship at our home-away-from-home church, and then the SPLASH party in the afternoon!
Splash 17
Monday – We missed the eclipse, but we had a wonderful visit with Ellyn – one of the many friends we’ve made during our travels!
Me and Ellyn
Tuesday – We sat on the back porch in the evening as long as we could, watching this blockbuster storm arrive!
Storms comin
Wednesday– Super day with my sister. Shopping, lunch, long talks, and the exploration of the Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site.
Thursday – Laundry, errands, and another beautiful day…
Morning fog
Friday – Straightened up the game shelf. Anyone know why we have a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle up here?
Cabin 2017
Saturday – Visit from some cousins we haven’t seen in a Very Long Time! And of course, totally failed to get a picture! In fact, no pictures were taken on Saturday at all. Cheez. So here’s another one from Friday. The view from my pillow every morning.
Cabin 2017
Sunday – Again – NO Pictures. I’m totally slacking off here! Sweet worship again, quiet afternoon and friends arrived for a lovely overnight visit. How about a picture of the sun setting earlier in the week?

And finally, Monday – Today!! We had a super day with Lynne and Roger. After we enjoyed a leisurely morning, sipping our coffee in front of the fire, They joined us in some beating-back-the-wilderness work. What good friends they are!!
Friends at work

So there you have it – the first 10 days in a nutshell. Well, a fairly good-sized nutshell I would say. =)
The full set of the Saint Gauden’s NHS is HERE
More pictures of the SPLASH Party are HERE!
And, although the Cabin – Late Summer 2017 is still an Album in process – there are more pictures to check out HERE if you’d like!

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