Catching up Vol 8, issue 27

Life these days seems to be all about catching up. I’ve got the bills paid, the taxes started (well, I’ve started to collect the stuff I need for the taxes at least), the monthly SOWER newsletter is just about ready to go and it too late to send out those Valentine cards, so I guess it’s about time I catch up with life here on my little corner of the internet. Here goes~

Christmas Lessons –

  1. Next year we fly. Between the rain and the snow and our colds, Untitledthe drive north (and then south) was much harder on these old bodies than we thought it would be. Plus we were sacrificing precious days we could’ve spent with our Ohio families. Be warned, Southwest. You’re on deck!
  2. Even with the exhausting drive, it was SO WORTH IT!!! While we split our time between the two families, we always have a joint Post-Christmas Christmas Day, and then try to get together for one more combo-day (theoretically to celebrate our two Christmas time birthdays, but actually because I cannot bear to not see everyone just one more time!).  Our days were full of games and giggles,  baking and bonding, and even a fair bit of jumping!
    Jumping Conrads
  3. We made lots of memories with these sweet families – and if you’d like to see some additional photos of our Ohio Christmas, you can check them out HERE!

January Mish-Mash
Our January SOWER project was at Deer Creek Camp – a Christian camp and conference center located NW of San Antonio, just outside of the little town of Medina.  It was a Mish-Mash because I left as the project was starting (see Snow Boots and Slippers*), and returned  just in time for the last two  days of work! I know it was a productive project for the folks that were there, but I can’t really speak to that except to say I arrived in time to stuff some envelopes

and I caught Gary on a roof.

Even though my time there was limited, (and I was confused most of the time about where I was and what I was supposed to be doing!) the gang still included me in the group picture!
We hung around for our “off” week (we only had a 30 mile drive to our February project) and enjoyed an outing into San Antonio with the gang. You might think we’d check out the River Walk or the Alamo or other traditional San Antonio sights, but we were headed for the 4 lb. cinnamon roll at LuLu’s Diner.  Priorities, folks. Priorities.

OK – that gets us up to February, right?  I better save some catchin’ up for Volume 8, Issue 28, right?

Thanks for stopping by – and for being patient about these erratic blog posts!

* Quick update on my sister. After a 15 day hospital stay, she is home and doing well! Every day she’s stronger and stronger. There is still a long way to go to full health, but we are so very thankful for the progress so far. Thank you for your prayers! May He get all the Glory!

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  1. And now I have caught up with your blessed life. Prayers for healing for your sister. Blessings to you, Gary and your fellow SOWERS as you continue His work.

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