Waco Days

What a sweet time we had in Waco!!  We were only there for two weeks, but we managed to pack the days full of goodness!

          • Our friends Don & Jenny came for a quick visit and we got to show them our new house and Waco.  We didn’t spend a lot of time experiencing the “Magnolia Phenom”, but did have a thoroughly enjoyable day checking out the riverfront, the Baylor campus (and bears) and hanging out with our Waco kids. Such a fun day!
            Untitled(photo creds to Gary – that’s his finger at the top!)Untitled
          • Although we were parked at our favorite campground, the bulk of our time was spent  with our favorite Wacoans!No surprise there, right?

          • While the kids were playing
            Gary was busy working on his shed. It went from this:
            to this in just two short weeks.
            Untitled Gotta love a man with a plan!
          • We voted.
            Now don’t get me wrong, we’ve voted in every major election via absentee ballot since we’ve been on the road. But this was the first time in these last 14 years that we walked into a polling place, showed our ID, entered a voting booth and ‘pulled the lever’. (Although in this new tech age, we actually turned a dial and pressed enter. Crazy!) It felt good. Very good, indeed.
          • I got my first tattoo.
            UntitledOK, so Taran gave me this little minion, and it was applied with a wet washcloth, but I have to tell you I’ve showered many times, and it’s still as bright and cheery as it was the day I got it. I’m thinking it’s permanent.
      • Speaking of minions – my little ‘minion’ cactus that I bought two years ago in Arizona, is blooming!!!! Such excitement in my little world!

It was a grand couple of weeks filled with snuggles and giggles and hugs. Add in some house chores accomplished (oh, and the shed half built!), and some lovely time spent with the grown-up kiddos, and it makes up for a truly excellent time.  If you’d like to see some additional pictures of our time in Waco, you can check them out here.

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