April Highlights – Vol II

I felt badly that I have so few pictures of the guys working because, man, those guys were busy! So here are just a couple more ‘working’ photos of the guys!
Here are Don and Joe cutting all the wood for those bunk beds. They called themselves the 2×4 Construction Company!
Gary getting the laundry area for all the washers and dryer.
Moving the laundry center from the Retreat House to their new home
and then the final installation!
I’m not sure just what the guys are doing here –
But it looked great when they were done!

Ok, enough of the work. Let’s get back to the Highlights!
Extra Curricular Activities
We did lots of fun things as a group during our time together. We went to the Big City (Madison) to pick-up supplies (for the 2×4 Construction Company), do some shopping and take in a movie. (We saw “I Can Only Imagine” – highly recommend!). We also drove to Macon to visit another SOWER Project, Lake Forest Ranch and connect with other SOWERS in the area.
It is a beautiful camp, and a delightful afternoon with new SOWER friends!
I think, though, that one of the sweetest memories of this month is the connection we made with the local community. Early on in our time there we checked out the closest restaurant to the camp – Carmack Fish House. It’s a pretty typical southern fried food buffet, etc., but it was the people there that really made the spot special. Along with others greeting us (something about us seems to indicate that we are ‘not from ’round here’), the father of the owner not only came to see how our dining experience was but also to sit and gab for a bit! He was a hoot, and quite the local character it turns out! He shared with us about the work he does with local widows through his church (go visit, he said. They’d love to have you!), and encouraged us to attend the “Carmack Grand Ole Opry” the following weekend. I must confess – it was good advise, on both counts. The church was small and friendly and spirit filled!! We were so welcomed that the second Sunday we were there they asked us the share the SOWER Song, and the third visit had Kim and I singing in the choir!!
We were so very blessed to be at that sweet little church!
And the “Grand Ole Opry” Carmack style?  So.Much.Fun.  The night started with a hamburger and hot dog dinner, and progressed to a Pre-Show of local talent
and then moved to a wonderful combination of MORE local talent, lots of creative lip-syncing, corny jokes and even a cake auction.
Our local connection – Kyle (from the restaurant) doing his stand-up comedian bit. =)
Carmack grand ole oprey
Thanks to our expert bidder, Gary, we came home with a three-layer quad chocolate cake that was deliciousimosso!
The grand finale was a rousing rendition of “Proud to be an American” that got the standing-room only crowd up on their feet!
Such a great evening!

We finished up our time at Pineview with a quick ride along the Natchez Trace (Kosciusko is right along the Trace) to check out French Camp, a nearby historic stop.
French Camp
French Camp, MS
It was a beautiful day – and an interesting stop!!

It was a OUTSTANDING  month. Time spent with dear friends, connecting with our neighbors, and serving the LORD.

God is good!

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