It’s November 6th, and today I’m thankful

for crazy friends who spur me on to silliness, and a little girl who loves to join in the fun!

Secondary thankfulness today is that we’re headed to the movies to see The First Man at the Liberty Theatre in Carnegie, OK-the oldest continually operated movie theatre in Oklahoma!

$4.00 movies and $2.25 show dogs. I’m thinking it will be a great night!

One thought on “It’s November 6th, and today I’m thankful”

  1. Shalom Stef and Lovey,
    Great movie price and dogs!
    Can’t beat that!
    G-d continue to bless and keep
    you both and most of all thank
    you for serving Our L-rd and Savior
    Jesus (YESHUA),
    Love you both,
    Stef and Walt, Living the dream in the mtns. of NC

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