It’s easy today

to find something to be thankful for!! On this day, eleven years ago we welcomed this sweet little blue-eyed beauty into our family!
Maddie standing
(full disclosure, she did not arrive looking quite like this! =) )
She’s filled our lives with smiles and snuggles, laughter and love! I feel a special affinity with Maddie since she’s the classic ‘middle child’ (kinda like me), celebrates her birthday just one day before mine, and is the lone blonde haired, blue-eyed child in her family (which she definitely got from her Daddy’s (our son) side of the family!)
Marysville Kids Reunited
We got to spoil her for a week this past summer, so her sweetness is still fresh in our minds!
Happy Birthday, Maddie in the Middle! We love you to the moon and back!
Finally - the three of us


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