Today I am thankful for leftovers

After a super busy (and let’s face it, super fun!) weekend, we started the week with a little weather surprise.
Snow or no snow, we still had plenty to do. Two of us ladies were working on changing out the decorations in the dining hall.
(True confession – this is a great way to finish off this project!)
Then we four SOWER ladies hosted a Tea Party for the ladies on staff at Oakridge.
Of course, young Julia came too!
Then after all the fun was done (and the dishes too!), we hung around with Natalie (not only part of the host family, but also a professional photographer) for a “photo shoot”.
At any rate, by the time I got home I was beat. It was a good beat, but beat nonetheless! How beautiful it was that there, waiting in the refrigerator, were leftovers from the weekend!!!

So much to be thankful for today, but the first thing that came to mind as I started this post were those yummy (and now gone) leftovers!! (And of course, the birthday bounty that produced those leftovers!)

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