February, Oh February…

Where have you gone!! I know it’s only the 21st, but, oh my, this month is going by fast! Today is the last day of our February SOWER project here at Forest Glen Springs. It’s been a busy month! Gary’s been doing some remodeling on a house on the property and Daniel has been using his welding skills on their new gate. Kristy and I have been Painting. And painting. and painting. Pretty much the interior of a three bedroom/two bath house got a nice fresh coat of khaki paint with white trim.
There was a little delay on some parts for the projects the guys are working on, so we’ve had some extra help with our projects!

We ladies were more than happy for the extra help. Plus, Daniel is WAY better at painting ceilings the we ladies are! Kristy and I finished up just in time to get it all back together, and while I don’t have an official before picture, we were happy with the results.(Almost) before
to all tidied up and (mostly) ready to go!
Better, right?
Here’s that corner Gary was painting!

Although we had some health issues (Gary’s back had him down for a day or so and Kristy lost some time with a nasty ear infection) and we were a bit distracted with working on our Waco project at the same time, it was still a good month. We were not only the first SOWERS to work at this camp, but our co-laborers Daniel and Kristy were on their first project.
Here’s the first group shot of the first group to serve with a first time serving couple!
So many firsts!

This afternoon we pack it all up, and head to Waco.
We’ll be camping at our favorite campground on Waco Lake for a long weekend, and it will be nice to have ALL of our life with us as we continue on with house projects and spending time with the kids.

Yep, we just keep rollin’ on!
Have a great weekend, everyone!

2 thoughts on “February, Oh February…”

  1. Love the khaki and white choice. You did an awesome job on that house. Looking forward to seeing you at the end of March – playtime at the Rally!

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