Although there is still more to share about our time in Montrose, right now I wanted to let all ya’all know that we have settled in at our most Fav-or-rite place on the planet – our family Cabin in Vermont.
And I have to tell you it feels pretty good to know that for the next two weeks (plus a day or two I hope) we will be soaking in all that is the Cabin. Oh, that will involve some yard work and some cleaning and some organizing, but it will also involve some family and some reading and some writing and some photography and some naps. And most mornings I’ll be waking up to the crackle of the fire and the grand aroma of fresh brewed coffee.
Let the Three R’s of the cabin begin – Relax and Reflect and Recharge!

2 thoughts on “R&R&R”

  1. Hello Steph and Lovey,
    What a beautiful cabin. Have a wonderful time and please take care of yourselves!
    Shabbat Shalom blessings,
    Stef and Family– moved to TN/VA area

  2. Thanks- this little cabin has a very special place in our heart and we love to share it – even if it’s only here at rvthereyet!

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