From Rural to Urban

We left French Camp Academy after a great project month
traveled a bit up the Natchez Trace
navigated our way through downtown Atlanta (at 5PM no less!)
(Trust me, it got way uglier than this. We just stayed in our lane and plodded along with all the other 9,435 cars that were also on I20 heading out of Atlanta)
and finally made our way to our December SOWER project – Camp Westminster in Conyers, GA. (Check out the Where are we now page for a map of our location!)


We unhooked our dependable gray truck for the last time (she is, as I write, being driven around by her new owners and will soon be on her way to Montrose Bible Conference where she will experience her first snowy winter!) and got settled in, awaiting our other two SOWER couples.

Once we got the house parked and plugged in, we took off for a jaunt to the nearest Costco for some long overdue eye exams. I’d like to say that ‘nearest’ actually meant ‘near’, but no. However since we were feeling the need for a Costco fix, back into the Altanta traffic we went. After two eye exams, two new pairs of glasses and a run through the store, it was a four $$$$ day. And we didn’t get heading back to Conyers until after three. (We’ve since been told that if you don’t get out of Atlanta by 3PM, you might as well just hang around until 7PM. We are seeing the wisdom in that!)
I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this picture of my eyeballs. Kinda crazy, right?

But I digress. The rest of our gang is settled in,

we all worshiped together this morning and enjoyed a nice quiet afternoon (which may or may not have included a nap). Tomorrow we start work – the guys will be tackling a multi-shower tiling job, and we ladies will be counting and entering new inventory for the gift shop. For all of my whining about the traffic, we’re looking forward to being a little bit closer to civilization (and shopping – tis the season after all!) this month. The camp is actually quite rural, but it’s only minutes to the interstate, and then voila – you’re in Atlanta!

Have a great week everyone! I’m sure it will a busy one for all!

3 thoughts on “From Rural to Urban”

  1. I guess it’s good to bechoning in those city interstate driving skills once in a while. Enjoy the area and sounds like fun inventorying that store!

  2. Hi Steph. I was excited to read your post today and to know there is a project in Conyers, GA. My sister and brother in law live in Watkinsville GA, about 45 miles away from you, and we were just discussing Sowers and our hopeful future serving. She is the president of Athens College of Ministry in Watkinsville and hoping to someday involve Sowers as they build their campus for the college. anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to you and Gary. May God continue to bless you. Doug

  3. I wondered how you were getting the pictures of the truck, motorhome, and the traffic. I thought you got rid of the other truck already. Have a great Thanksgiving 🦃 and a wonderful work month. Thx for sharing your story ❤👍

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